Short post from Costa Rica

My group and I arrived in Costa Rica yesterday. We are still getting our bearings, but today we got at least a little time in the field. No doubt we will continue to find strange and exciting new behaviors and species of phorid flies. As I write this, there is pounding rain outside, hopefully not flooding the two light traps (see previous post). Tomorrow, I should have time and energy to publish a longer blog on what we have found so far

Meanwhile, take a look at this Microdon flower fly from a Malaise trap sample. This is from an area around the town of Guapiles, where we are also staying. I’m not an expert on this group, but this is a pretty amazing looking fly to me. Maybe one of the syrphid experts will comment?

a syrphid fly that caught my eye

3 comments on “Short post from Costa Rica

  1. Gerard Pennards says:

    Hey Brian, it indeed looks like Microdon, you should send the picture to Menno Reemer, he just finished a world wide revision of the subfamily Microdontinae. If anyone would be able to put a name on it, he’s the one!

  2. Menno Reemer says:

    Sorry, can’t see enough details to tell for sure to which group it belongs.

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