Flyobsession back online

After transferring from to my own site, flyobsession is back! Look forward to more stories and photos of our two-winged friends.

Pictured here is a male Adelopteromyia, a common phorid fly from the ZADBI project in Costa Rica (photo by Inna Strazhnik). The females of this genus are brachypterous (have reduced wings) and are found in army ant colonies.


ps. This image looks much better full size- click on it to see.

4 comments on “Flyobsession back online

  1. I’m glad you suggested viewing full size. It’s beautiful seen like that. Crisp detail. Strange that it looks fuzzy on the un-full size on the blog page.

  2. Leaving another comment so I can sign up for posts to be sent by email.

  3. That’s odd, the first comment didn’t seem to post. I had said how impressive the full size photo is and am glad you suggested we look at it that way.

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