Fly photos from California’s Central Coast

Here are a few photos from Los Osos, California.





Next week, I’ll be reporting from Costa Rica, where we will be setting up our big fly inventory project.

8 comments on “Fly photos from California’s Central Coast

  1. Chris Raper says:

    Very nice – the tachinid is a Peleteria, I think 🙂

  2. Very nice photography.

  3. marksolock says:

    Reblogged this on Mark Solock Blog.

  4. Jeff Bjorck says:

    Great pics! You’d be happy to know I was talking to two kids about flies last night. They now know what a mosquito is! :o)

  5. jkirkhart35 says:

    These are excellent photos, Brian. Flies do not stay still very long, so you had a good eye and were quick to make these excellent captures. Congratulations!

  6. The bombyliid seems to be Geron. The dolichopodid is a Medetera sp. and the calliphorid is a Calliphora sp.

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