Coming soon – big news for the fly obsessed

Antler fly

At least two big “fly announcements” are coming soon. Meanwhile, I am posting this photo of an antler fly (a type of fruit fly from New Guinea) for your entertainment.

8 comments on “Coming soon – big news for the fly obsessed

  1. Wow. Phytalmia… Just a few months ago enjoyed sitting and starring at McAlpines types at AM…

    • Russell Cox says:

      These are definitely some of the coolest looking Diptera in the museum collection: this photo I assume is of Phytalmia cervicornis

      • Russell Cox says:

        I particularly enjoyed the taxonomic history of P. cervicornis. Both Gerstaeker (1860) and Saunders (1861) independently gave this amazing fly the same specific name: Phytalmia cervicornis Gerstaeker, 1860 and Elaphomyia cervicornis Saunders, 1861. Entomologists often think alike, then again what other name besides “deer horn” would you give such a unique fly.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow! Glad that fly is small. :o)

  3. Intrigued about the “big news.”

    Any speculation/explanation on why those antenna are so bizarrely elongate?

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